Daniel J. Cline

Artist Statement

Daniel J Cline was born in 1963 in St Catherines, Ontario and grew up in Niagara Falls. His interest in sculpture began at an early age when he started to create figures of fantasy in clay. As a youth he began to use his clay creations in 8mm animation films, which led to studies in film and video production at Confederation College in Thunder Bay. After graduation, Daniel returned to sculpture, this time in stone. At the studio of his brother, sculptor Sandy Cline, Daniel carved 12 sculptures and sold six at his first showing in 1985.
Since then, Daniel has been working in a variety of material including soapstone, alabaster, local Vancouver Island marble and sandstone, transforming them into original stone sculptures. Primarily a self-taught artist, he continues to develop new directions and techniques in his art.
Daniel won the commission of a public sculpture in the city of Chemanius. The 10ft. marble sculpture depicts a mystic native princess, her robe adorned with images of Vancouver Island wildlife, an eagle, a salmon, and a killer whale. The sculpture speaks of the nobility of native peoples and the beauty of the natural world. Public art should be used to reflect noble sentiments and uplift the souls of humankind.
The development of sculpture in bronze opens up opportunities to create new forms of expression, pushing the physical qualities of the material to limits of form and space. Bronze is a return to the artist's beginnings, when as a child Daniel created figures of fantasy in clay. Now these clay figures can be endowed with a form of permanence.
Daniel's sculptures are widely collected and eagerly sought by patrons who appreciate the quality, originality and diversity of his work. His work can be found in collection throughout 18 countries worldwide.
'I feel very fortunate to be able to work as a creative being, reflecting images of beauty to those around me. To me, the creation of art is a sacred journey of discovery, both externally and internally. The elevation of the human spirit is integral to the content of the work I produce.'
Daniel J Cline


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