Richard Quinn

Richard Quinn believes that Art is the 'language' of the unknown.

"I create events, music and visual works, designed to confront and embrace the bright realm of enlightened mysteries, as well as to unmask the dark extremes of spiritual and mental blocks that prevent the luminous world of the Spirit from being experienced."

"I create for a number of reasons; first, to feel the intuitive, creative impulses streaming through the physical and spiritual aspects of my being and the universe around me; second, to feel the thrill of witnessing something freshly created from elements that are both perceptual and material; third, to feel the weaving of social interactions that revolve around the process of creating; and fourth, to experience the movement from a state of potential to a condition of actual creative power."

Born in 1951 in Dayton, Ohio, Richard Quinn studies at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the California Institute of the Arts. Trained in theatre and music as well as painting, Quinn brings a multi-faced sensibility to his creations.

His strong interest in Eastern and Western cultures are evident in the ceremonial and meditative aspects of his work.

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