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Art is worship


The spiritual life to which art belongs, and of which it is one of the mightiest agents, is a complex but definite movement above and beyond, which can be translated into simplicity.

Vassily Kandinsky

Art is a means of union among men joining them together in the same feelings, and indispensible for the life and progress towards the well-being of individuals and of humanity.

Leo Tolstoy

Countless works of art have been truly inspired and that inspiration stay in association with the work and is mirrored in the heart and the mind of the receptive viewer.

Otto Rogers

To send light into the darkness of man's heart's - such is the obligation of the artist.

Robert Schumann

Art is seen as the highest human activity, in as much as it records the imprint of man's eternal mind on the ever-changing forms of matter. It is the job of the artist to express opposites, irreconcilables, growth and pain. Truth to life is the foundation of art.

Geoffrey Nash

It seems to me that art is, first and foremost, a condition of the soul.

Marc Chagall

Rizvan Gallery is a division of MGV Fine Art which was incorporated in Canada in 1985. Mr Mark Granfar, a successful businessman with interests in a number of firms in Europe and North America and the president of MGV Inc., has been a collector of fine art and a patron of the arts since the 1970's. He establishes MGV Fine Art as a means to provide a service as a private art dealer to other collectors and artists whose work he collects.


Rizvan Gallery has as a main objective the task of representing successful international artists who wish to have their works exhibited in other markets where they are less known. The services provided by us include importing, shipping, photographing, documenting, and framing the work, and promotion of the artist in collaboration with galleries to exhibit the works of these artists.


Our artists work in differing media such as oils, watercolors, sculpture, photography, representing no specific style or genre. What they do share in their diversity is a common vision that art is a positive instrument with a global perspective for social and spiritual communication.


Rizvan Gallery seeks to work with other galleries in the promotion of first quality art produced by artists whose language and distance often is a handicap in their own direct dealings with galleries and markets abroad. So far the results indicate that this is a service welcome by both artists and galleries who wish to represent their work.


Please contact us with inquiries into our artists by telephone - (250) 743-1222 - or Contact Us Here. You may also write to us at:

Rizvan Gallery
Division of MGV Inc.
Box 40, Shawnigan Lake
BC, Canada
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