Bill Skuce

About Master Pieces

"Twenty-eight of them were exhibited in the huge lobby of the National Insurance Institute in San Jose, Costa Rica during the month of April, in 1996. About two years before that, flat surfaced hunks of concrete debris left in odd places around San Jose's west end began attracting my attention. Soon, without knowing why, I felt compelled to "rescue" them. They seemed victimized...wounded, but still breathing. I wanted somehow to revive them...give them new life. I commenced collecting them. Those I could lift into my car I took home, cleaned and put aside. The time-honored craft of copying a great master appealed to me and I liked the idea of juxtaposing classical images with the crude pieces of concrete. Finally I decided to paint on each an image from that greatest work of classical art: Michelangelo's famed ceiling fresco. And so it began...a union of two extremes...and redemption for my rescued rubble. The medium is oil on concrete."

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