Suzanne Klotz

Suzanne Klotz

Art is a means of stimulating intellectual, emotional and spiritual awareness. My recent work reflects a desire to rise above our materialistic concerns and to become more aware of practicing spiritual qualities in our lives.

Some of the concepts represented visually are: crossing from the material world of illusion in the world of reality (the spirit), trusting and having faith, trials and tests as a means of elevating our spiritual station, perceiving the world as one nation.

Art is a product and reflection of the values of the culture in which it is produced. The advancement of civilization today is dependant upon the understanding and sharing between all cultures and people. Humanity can no longer exist under the veil of separation. To achieve unity, harmony, and peace we must consider all citizens of this world as our brothers and sisters.

The collaborative works I have produced with the South Australian Aboriginals, Israelis, Palestinians, and artists of other nationalities reflect this concept.

The Tapestry style paintings, approximately six feet by four feet in dimension, have been progressively and meticulously developed over a six year span. The beadwork, stitchery and patterning in the borders of each painting combine elements from Oriental, African and Arabic influences encounters on her travels since 1990. The titles of the Pieces reflect the overall content representing the beauty of the spiritual realm.

Much of the work is stimulated by my interpretation of the concepts and principals found within the Baha'i Faith.

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